TWG installation

Welcome to the installer of TWG. The installer will extract TWG into the current directory and makes the directories and files writeable if needed!

Safe Mode restictions to not apply on your system and therefore you can upload and
manage your files either with the TWGXplorer of the TWG admin or your FTP program.

You can install TWG very easy manually as well - please read the installation instructions on the website or in the readme's.

TWG installation check for TWG

If any of these items are highlighted in red then please take actions to correct them. Failure to do so could lead to your TWG installation not functioning correctly.
Yellow means that some functions tests failed and this feature is not available. You can call the info.php after the installation for a more detailed check! In the TWG admin is the full version of this check available!
PHP version >= 4.3.0 Yes (7.4.33)
  - XML support Available
  - GD lib support Available
  - GD lib >= 2.0 Yes (2.1.0)
  - Memory limit Very Good (512M)
  - Text watermark Available
  - Remote jpg support Available
  - File uploads Available
     - Upload max filesize 2000M
Session Available

Recommended settings:

These settings are recommended for PHP in order to ensure full compatibility with TWG.
However, TWG will still operate if your settings do not quite match the recommended
Directive Recommended Actual
Safe Mode: OFF: OFF
Display Errors: ON: OFF
File Uploads: ON: ON
Magic Quotes GPC: ON: OFF
Magic Quotes Runtime: OFF: OFF
Register Globals: ON/OFF: OFF
Output Buffering: OFF: OFF
Session auto start: OFF: OFF
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